Men’s Dermatology Services

At North Atlanta Dermatology we understand the varying needs between individuals and genders. This is why we are proud to offer such diverse and comprehensive treatment options for our male patient population. Whether you select one service or combine several, our customized Men’s Service experience will get you where you desire to be, while providing a customer service experience like no other.  We look forward to supporting your goals and your confidence. To find out more information call us today!

Hair Restoration Services

If you are a male patient seeking to improve the thickness of your hair and/or reverse hair loss, our hair restoration services are a great option for you. Our providers are well versed in offering top-of-the-line non-surgical treatment options for hair restoration. We specialize in PRP alongside medical treatment options, which can dramatically improve your hair growth outcomes. We also offer very comprehensive maintenance plans, to help our patients maintain their amazing results and outcomes over time.

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Cosmetic Skin Services

If you are a male seeking to reverse visible signs of aging, improve your skin appearance or even maintain a healthy complexion. Our cosmetic services are a great option for you. Through a multitude of different services such as chemical peels, micro-needling with PRP, or laser treatments. Our provider care team will create a customized treatment plan to give you optimal results. Our skilled practitioners create individualized treatment plans based on each of our male patient’s needs and goals. Your treatment plan will be developed through our listening to your concerns and assessing your skin needs during a comprehensive consultation. If enhancing your skin’s appearance while meeting the unique needs of your skin’s health is something that you look forward to, schedule a consultation with us today!


Dermal Fillers and Injectable Services

If you are a male seeking to restore facial volume that has been lost through the natural aging process or gain a more youthful appearance without surgery, our dermal fillers, Restylane, and injectable services, Botox & Dysport, are perfect for you. We offer a multitude of non-surgical options alongside very skilled and experienced practitioners to support you in attaining optimal results. At North Atlanta Dermatology we take pride in the results that we achieve with our patients. We are extremely diligent with our approach to helping you achieve great outcomes without losing your masculine facial contouring. To find out more about the best options for you, schedule a consultation with us today!


Body Contouring Services

If you are seeking to reduce stubborn body fat or tone underlying muscle, our body contouring services are the answer you’ve been looking for. Our award-winning team is highly experienced in Emsculpt and Coolsculpting. We have helped hundreds of patients transform their bodies with minimal downtime while improving their longevity. Whether your goal is to achieve your dream body in time for the summer or to improve your overall stability, our experienced practitioners can get you to the finish line.


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North Atlanta Dermatology has five locations around Northern Atlanta to serve you.

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