Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel

Chemical Peels

North Atlanta Dermatology offers a full range of chemical peels designed to treat a variety of conditions. Chemical peels are a versatile way to improve anything from rough sun damaged texture and blotchy discoloration to age spots and fine lines.

What is a chemical peel?
Our chemical peels involve the application of a medical grade solution directly to the skin which induces an exfoliation of unwanted and damaged cells. During the healing process there is regeneration of surface epithelium, and often collagen, to produce a younger, fresher appearing skin tone. Chemical peels are very versatile in that they can be gauged from a mild “lunchtime peel” with minimal to no downtime, to a more aggressive TCA peel with up to a week or more of redness and peeling, but with more significant improvement, or anywhere in between. Often a peel can be specifically tailored to a patient’s skin type, cosmetic goals, and tolerance for downtime. Peels can be performed as a series of treatments spread over weeks to months, or in some cases only once a year as with a TCA peel.

How to schedule a chemical peel

Scheduling a visit with any of our skilled providers will provide an opportunity to discuss your peel options. Our most popular peels are our glycol acid, salicylic acid, Jessners solution, Retin-A, Tri-bleaching, and TCA peels. Most peels can be performed by any of our providers but the more aggressive TCA peels are usually performed by our physicians. Pricing can start as low as $75 to $100 with price increases based on the strength of the peel. Come experience one of our most popular and cost effective treatments.

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