Doing Filler Right – Getting That Natural Look

xperienced doctor with purple gloves uses the right filler can create a natural look in patient's lips

One of the most concerning parts about having filler injected is the possibility that it will look unnatural. We’ve all seen it, filler jobs gone wrong that either cause unevenness in the treatment area or make the person look like a caricature of themselves. It is important to remember that injecting the filler itself is relatively straightforward but making sure that it looks natural and not overwhelming is an entirely different story and more of an art than science. Today, we talk about doing filler right for the very best results and what next steps you should take.

It is essential to mention that dermal fillers today are far more advanced than just a few years ago. Therefore, if you’ve heard of less-than-ideal results from someone who had filler years ago, those concerns have probably been addressed. An experienced injector and the right filler can create a natural look. But how can you make sure you get the best results?

Set proper expectations. When you meet with an experienced dermatology practice like ours and an injector with a great deal of experience, we ask that you visit with an open mind. The volume that some patients wish to pursue simply cannot be made to look natural – and in fairness, some patients are not interested in a totally natural look. However, for those who wish to have a subtle boost, we have options that should be discussed in depth during consultation. Trust us – we do these thousands of times each year.

Quantity. There is a tendency for patients to push the limits of the amount of filler that they receive. This is understandable – who wants to spend money and time without seeing dramatic results? However, patients should understand that too much filler will cause significant changes in their looks and may be obvious. Following is some guidance on how much filler Canon should be used in various parts of the face:

  • 1/2 mL may seem tiny but will enhance your look while keeping it natural. Of course, how good this looks depends on your facial structure, age, and desired outcome. The injection site will matter too. This amount in the cheeks will be far less noticeable than in the lips.
  • 1 mL of filler can be excellent for lips and other relatively smaller treatment areas on the face. 1 milliliter can also be used for the cheeks, especially if just for a touch-up and not for significant volume.
  • 2 mL will probably exceed the boundaries of a natural look in smaller areas but can still be appropriate in larger areas like the cheeks, depending on your bone structure.

It’s important to discuss your expectations with your injection team. With decades of the collective experience and thousands of patients treated, we know when to stop or when to push the boundaries a little further. However, we must do this with your understanding, reasonable expectations, and patience as we ensure the very best outcomes.

Beyond the Volume

While we can speak to average injection amounts, every face is different, and each patient will require a customized treatment program. As part of that program, it’s also important to remember that treating one area can have less than ideal results if the rest of the face is not addressed. As such, and this is where filler injections are more of an art and science. Your injector will discuss the appropriate injection protocol, ensuring that the face and multiple facial areas are addressed and that no single area looks out of proportion or out of place.

In addition, the thickness of the filler makes a difference. Thicker filler can be used in larger areas like the cheeks, while a decidedly thinner filler would be used in the lip to avoid lumpiness or unevenness.

Next steps

To get that natural look using filler, we suggest that you make an appointment with our office and work with us to develop the most appropriate injection plan. We look forward to helping you achieve immediate results that last a long time yet show noticeable but not unnatural improvements.

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