Laser Therapy

Is IPL Worth It?

Better-looking skin in just a few hours? It sounds almost too good to be true. Yet that’s what intense pulsed light therapy, or IPL, treatments claim to do. Also known as a photo facial, this outpatient procedure improves the look and feel of skin in just a few office visits. But is IPL worth the time and expense required? The answer depends on your individual goals and health situation. Check out our complete guide on IPL facials.

Maximizing Your IPL or Laser Results

If you are considering getting a skin rejuvenation treatment such as laser or IPL, there are a few essential things to consider before your appointment. Skin rejuvenation is extremely popular because people get great results and can look their best into their 50s, 60s, and even 70s. Laser therapy can be costly, and although most patients report being happy with the results, it’s worth taking some time to consider how to maximize treatments so that you get the best outcomes possible! Let’s take a deep dive into all the critical […]

How We Minimize Skin Discoloration After Laser Treatments

As laser facial and body treatments grow in popularity and accessibility, your dermatologist will discuss the risk of unwanted side effects following therapy. While some side effects, such as pain, swelling, and redness, are temporary, the discoloration some people experience following laser treatments can be longer-lasting without preventative care or additional treatment. This is why it is critical to minimize the risk of skin discoloration as much as possible. Let’s discuss what causes the skin to discolor in the first place. After laser treatment, inflammation is our body’s natural mechanism […]

IPL Versus LED Red Light Therapy for Facial Skin

Many skin rejuvenation products are available in today’s aesthetic dermatology market. You may have heard of light therapy, photo facials, phototherapy, or IPL as just some examples. Also known as photobiomodulation, light-based tissue therapies come in various forms and indications and have unique benefits and risks. However, if you were reading this article, you have decided to take care of your facial skin. By choosing a qualified and experienced provider able to offer various options, you have given yourself the best chance of a successful and safe procedure. If you […]

Laser Hair Removal and Different Skin Types (The Fitzpatrick Scale)

If you’re considering removing unwanted hair, getting the most accurate information about today’s technologies is important. Using the wrong approach could mean you don’t get the desired results – but what’s even worse than spending money on a procedure that doesn’t work? Having unwanted or even permanent damage to your skin because of the process. To avoid this, we will dive into different technologies for laser hair removal and hopefully help you determine which will be most effective for your skin type. Laser hair removal has a long and varied […]

Why Spending on Skincare Makes More Sense Than Dropping $$ On Makeup

If you have found yourself in the makeup aisle wondering if you need to try every foundation on the shelf before you decide which will best mask your skin problem, maybe it’s time to take a step back. What if the issue you are trying to cover can be treated so that you might not need to hide behind the makeup? You might need to rethink your skincare budget and routine, and with a few tricks from the pros, your makeup dollars could be better spent! Besides, the heavy foundation […]

How Do Celebrities Maintain Such Youthful Skin as They Age?

Most of us have seen our favorite celebrities in magazines and on television and wondered, how do they stay looking so young? Is it genetics, lighting, or makeup? Could they be using Photoshop to conceal their wrinkles? The truth about celebrity skin secrets is not mysterious at all! There are tried and true ways those in the know maintain their youthful skin, even as they age. Firstly, celebrities might be working with good genes. And many stars are attractive in the traditional sense, giving them a major boost. Genetically gifted […]

Am I Missing Out on The Power of Lasers in My Skincare Routine?

You can’t turn to an online blog, fashion magazine, or social media feed without coming across incredible images and testimonials about the power of skincare lasers. And while the research and results seem impressive, the overwhelming amount of information is often not. How do we sort through all this information, weighing each laser, their effects, and which skin types they benefit from? And, importantly, when and where you should consider doing it? Let’s talk about these advances and where we are in this significant new era of dermatological technology.

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