Masseter Botox. When Is It Appropriate and What Should You Consider?

As you may know, Botox is a muscle relaxing injection therapy using a neurotoxin (botulinum toxin) to paralyze muscles and make wrinkles and fine lines look smoother and less noticeable. Millions of people employ this proven treatment as an anti-aging tool with excellent results. But, while most people think of Botox as a treatment for facial aging, there are many other uses for the injection, including for your masseter muscles – the ones that regulate your jaw’s chewing motion.

Why Would Someone Get Masseter Botox?

Masseter or jaw Botox can be used for both cosmetic and medical reasons. These can include:

Reducing bruxism – bruxism or teeth grinding can be a serious problem, and in severe cases, mouthguards from your dentist simply aren’t enough. The mechanism of masseter relaxation that Botox offers can reduce pressure on the teeth and jaw, which often happens at night when we aren’t even conscious of what we’re doing. By reducing the incidence of teeth grinding, patients often stop the progression of tooth damage or sensitivity resulting from the constant pressure on the teeth.

Addresses symptoms of TMJ. The temporomandibular joint can cause significant discomfort, including headaches, damage to the jaw joint, jaw locking, and facial or jaw pain. TMJ is often associated with a highly developed masseter muscle. As such, much like in the case of teeth grinding, Botox can reduce the pressure the muscle exerts and improve or eliminate these symptoms.

An oversized masseter muscle also contributes to a boxy or square face shape. For patients that wish to improve the look of their jawline, Botox may be a potential cosmetic option. By paralyzing parts of this muscle, the jaw begins to slim down within days, offering a clear cosmetic benefit. It is important to understand that masseter Botox does not address other jaw areas like jowls. These areas need to be addressed using different modalities and procedures.

Should I Get Masseter Botox?

A comprehensive consultation with one of our practitioners can guide you on whether masseter Botox is right for you. Typically, the procedure is simple and can be performed at our offices in just a few minutes. The results, however, can last up to four months. Regular Botox injections may increase the effects of each injection. Of course, some considerations will be discussed during your consultation, and your dermatologist will offer guidance on the best options based on the outcome you wish to achieve. For example, it is essential to balance the benefits of masseter Botox with the potential for decreased volume at the subchondral bone. These questions and more will all be discussed at consultation.

Most importantly, you should always trust an experienced injector as they can guide you in the injections dosage, frequency, and placement to help ensure the very best cosmetic or medical results.

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