Maximizing Your Botox® Treatment – Dermatologist Tips

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We all know that Botox® is a great way to minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles, not to mention achieve a more youthful look. But if you’re like most patients, you don’t want to do it every month (or even every other month). The cost of Botox injections can add up quickly, and taking time out of your day to visit your dermatologist is inconvenient. When done correctly, you should be able to see the results of a Botox treatment for anywhere from three to four months. So, how can you increase the chances that your smoothed skin will last as long as possible? Check out these ten tips for getting the most out of your Botox injections.

Work With a Good Injector

First things first: Your Botox results will rarely be optimal if done by someone without extensive injection experience. A skilled practitioner can administer Botox in all the right spots without unwanted side effects. At North Atlanta Dermatology, we’re proud to say that all our injectors are highly experienced and skilled at administering Botox and can help you smooth those lines – the first time and every time you visit.

Be Gentle with Your Face (for a Few Days, anyway!)

The first 48 hours following your Botox injections are a crucial period. During this time, the toxins affect your facial muscles, causing them to relax (and your wrinkles to diminish). So, during this time, you’ll want to avoid activities that may cause the Botox to migrate to places on your face that it shouldn’t. This means you should avoid strenuous exercise (think running, vigorous yoga, weightlifting) for at least 24 hours after your injections. You’ll also want to avoid lying down for the first four hours. Finally, while washing your face and applying makeup, do not rub it vigorously. This will ensure your Botox stays put.

Avoid Sun Exposure

You’ve made a great effort to minimize your wrinkles, so don’t undo your progress by exposing yourself to damaging UV rays! Of course, sunbathing and tanning beds are on the no-no list, but remember that sun damage can occur when doing other things – even while driving. Make sure you use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or more and reapply every two hours (more often if you’re mopping up a sweat with your hand or a towel). For extra protection, wear a wide-brimmed hat, too.

Stay Hydrated

Your newly smooth skin won’t look as luscious if you’re dehydrated. To ensure you put your best face forward, drink plenty of water. (You will need more if you live in a hot climate like Atlanta or do sweaty workouts on the regular.) The best way to achieve your water goal is by sipping it all day rather than guzzling several cups at a time.


While hydrating the rest of your body, ensure your skin joins in the fun, too! Use a good facial moisturizer appropriate for your skin type and choose one with SPF for daytime wear. Consider a cream with soothing ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, for bedtime wear. After all, wrinkle-free skin doesn’t look as good when flaky and dried out, right?

Eat Your Fruits and Veggies

Like hydration, a well-rounded diet is key to overall health – which is reflected in your appearance! A diet full of sugar and processed foods can trigger premature skin aging, so choosing fresh fruits, veggies, lean meats, and nuts over junk food is always a wise idea. Bonus: A healthy diet can also promote other forms of wellness, like lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Exercise Your Facial Muscles

While it sounds counterintuitive to work the muscles you just relaxed through your Botox injections, moving them around actually helps the Botox work better. So, take a few minutes daily to smile, frown, and raise your eyebrows. In the first few days after the injection, it helps activate the toxin, and later, it promotes the drainage of excess fluids from your face, contributing to a younger look.

Get Botox Regularly

Botox works best when you get regular maintenance treatments rather than waiting a year or more between injections. Over time, a consistent schedule of Botox treatments trains your muscles to stay relaxed, so you stay wrinkle-free longer. If you’re the forgetful type, try scheduling your follow-up appointment before you leave your first treatment. Three to four months is the typical waiting period between injections. If you’re unsure how often to get a refill, ask your dermatologist.

Don’t Smoke or Vape

If you want your Botox to last as long as possible, avoid cigarettes and vapes. The facial movements associated with smoking can cause wrinkles around your mouth (“smoker’s lines”). Over time, a smoking habit can reduce oxygen and blood flow to your skin, resulting in premature aging. Bottom line? Smoke robs your skin of a more youthful look (plus it has some other not-so-great health effects) – stay far away.

Remember, the better you care for your body, the better your skin will look!

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