When to Start Botox?

When to Start Botox?

Woman undergoes botox treatment for fine lines confident about starting at the right age to prevent developing and worsening wrinkles with guidance from cosmetic dermatology professionals at North Atlanta Dermatology

Today, women and men alike have started looking at their appearance differently from generations before. Whether it is because of the pressures of social media or the perfection that we see on TV and in magazines, many people have taken their need for cosmetic improvement to the next level.

For some, this means using the myriad of dermatological treatments appropriately and at the right age. For others, there is a tendency to start too soon and too aggressively.

Foremost on the minds of those in their 20s and 30s are the beginnings of wrinkles and crow’s feet. No wrinkle treatment has a more significant following than Botox. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons estimates that there has been a 28% increase in Botox injections since 2010 for those in their 20s.

Why You May Consider Starting Botox in Your 20s

Some will tell you that starting Botox in your 20s is necessary to keeping a youthful appearance later in life, while others will tell you that you are crazy to start so soon. The fact is that neither is correct. First, whether you need Botox depends on your skin and your habits. If you follow a daily skincare regimen early, you can reduce the need for Botox in your 20s. However, others have wrinkle-susceptible skin earlier in life and may require small doses of Botox sooner than their peers. Visiting the dermatologists at North Atlanta Dermatology can help you make that decision. However, for the most part, any Botox treatment in your 20s is typically preventative, meaning that small doses can reduce the need for larger doses later in life. Treating fine lines is far easier than waiting until the wrinkles are deeper. On the flip side, it is possible to overdo it, so be sure to visit a dermatologist that has a stepwise, moderate approach to your care.

Should I Have Botox in My 30s?

Most men and women will begin to develop more noticeable wrinkles around their eyes and mouth in their 30s and may wish to proceed with Botox treatment at this point. Again, while there is no hard or steadfast rule about when to begin Botox, we suggest that you start when the lines are finer and not wait until they are more noticeable. Not only does this help manage lines in the future, but it also means we can minimize the Botox dosage, helping to avoid the common “frozen face” that some patients suffer from.

Should I Continue Botox Into My 40s and Beyond?

In your 40s, the answer will be clearer and becomes a choice on how aggressively you wish to treat your wrinkles. Well-managed Botox regimens can reduce the appearance of fine lines on your face while maintaining a natural look well into your later years. Much of this depends on the experience and knowledge of your dermatologist, so be sure to contact our office to learn more about when Botox treatments are right for you.

As with any medical or cosmetic procedure, it is imperative that you make your decision using all available information. We look forward to speaking with you about your wrinkle prevention regimen.

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