How Do Celebrities Maintain Such Youthful Skin as They Age?

woman with clear, youthful skin touching her face

Most of us have seen our favorite celebrities in magazines and on television and wondered, how do they stay looking so young? Is it genetics, lighting, or makeup? Could they be using Photoshop to conceal their wrinkles? The truth about celebrity skin secrets is not mysterious at all! There are tried and true ways those in the know maintain their youthful skin, even as they age.

Firstly, celebrities might be working with good genes. And many stars are attractive in the traditional sense, giving them a major boost. Genetically gifted people do tend to maintain their good looks as they age. But that’s only part of the story because good genes can only take you so far in aging. Aging is a natural process; our skin will eventually deteriorate physically, resulting in wrinkles, dark spots, and even skin cancers.

Celebrities do leverage great lighting and makeup, and there is no doubt that many avails themselves of creative digital talent to improve their perceived skin texture and wrinkles for advertisements. You’ve likely grabbed a magazine and wondered, “how can their skin be so perfect?” While we know there’s some “assistance” at work and that the ad does not reflect the reality of how their skin looks, there might still be a pang of envy. Of course, if you meet a celebrity in person or see them on a talk show or an interview, that glow can’t be faked, but a light application of great makeup can do wonders! To that end, they’re also likely diligent with their skincare routine.

The two big secrets of celebrity skin routines are simple, and anyone willing to invest a little extra time and money in their future appearance can achieve similar results.

Routine maintenance with a cosmetic dermatologist is the first must-do to maintain youthful skin. You see, most of us wait for a problem and try to fix it. But forward thinkers are at an advantage here because while money can’t buy good genes, it can buy you preventative skin treatments. This means you recognize that you WILL experience skin issues and are actively treating the factors that cause wrinkles and discoloration before there’s a problem. This could be as simple as getting on a regular Botox schedule or using fillers before deep wrinkles have a chance to form, or using Retinoid-based skin creams before spots appear. Other preventative maintenance might be skin tightening treatments in the form of IPL (intense pulsed light), RF (radiofrequency), or other laser treatments. The goal is for more aggressive treatment (like a face-lift) to never be necessary. Newer, less aggressive interventions for improving aging facial skin include options like thread-lifts and chemical peels, with novel approaches continually being developed. With so many different preventative treatments available, it’s crucial to seek expert advice before spending a lot of money on one strategy.

The second big secret to a celebrity skin routine is product selection. While most of us shop for skin care products like moisturizers and cleansers at the drug store or perhaps online, celebrities typically work with their dermatologists to access specialized lines that may not be available in retail stores. You may find most of the high-end and more expensive products have a similar active ingredient as drug-store brands; the difference is in the rest of the product. These added ingredients can make a difference, so don’t write them off just because they aren’t in the active column. The labs making these products use vehicles and binders during production and stabilizers, preservatives, and fragrances before a final product is packaged. The culmination of all these formulations is what we, the consumer, finally put on our skin, and the differences from one company to the next can be significant. That is why some skin care lines are much more expensive than others.

In other cases, the active ingredient may only be available with a prescription at specific concentrations.

Some products can become less stable due to packaging, shelf life, or manufacturing processes. Other products may be less effective due to additives; worse, some can cause irritation or trigger sensitization due to added chemicals or fragrances. This is why celebrities depend on their expert dermatologist’s product advice and are willing to spend the extra money to get a product that works.

So, what can you do to age beautifully without going broke? Prevent problems before they start. Prevention can be as simple as wearing a high-quality mineral sunscreen since wrinkles and photodamage can directly result from UV radiation. Regular skin checks can prevent minor problems like pre-cancers from developing into full-blown skin cancer requiring surgery. Finally, choose products carefully with professional advice. Some of the best products on the market are not the most expensive, but be cautious of ingredients and packaging, which might make the product less effective. Sometimes reviews for a new product can look good, but good reviews are not a substitute for clinical trials and medical research.

We look forward to seeing you in our office to learn about our new skincare products and routines. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our highly skilled dermatologists.

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